Today NOVA is the most modern company of Mercosur in seed treatment (coating). It is equipped with cutting edge machinery, which allows it to count with the biggest processing capacity of the country. Apart from this great potential, the seed analysis laboratory, equipped with the most modern and precise instruments and authorized by the National Seed Institute (INASE), works under the most advanced quality regulations stated in ISO 9001:2008 with the aim of maximizing the quality and control of all processes, which allows for effective traceability in each species of seed that is treated.

It counts with greatly agile logistic services that distribute the finished products in units equipped with cooling systems.

Following clear objectives with excellence as a premise in treatments, analysis, assessment and fast logistic.

This is the mission of each year: to position the Company as a leader in the treatment seed sector in its different varieties.

Quality Policy

The purpose of NOVA is to be a leading company in seed treatments, to provide its clients with integral solutions which not only affect the product itself, but also the context around it, by means of a qualitative excellence service.

These are the proposals that support what has been stated previously:

  • To stimulate constant training of our staff for the development of their actitivies, encouraging innovative thinking in planning.
  • To establish and apply the concept of continuous improvement in every process and action developed in the company.

This is why the directorship of Nova commits to:

  • Implementing this policy in all levels of the organization.
  • Periodically checking its application and assessing its results.
  • Adapting it to the company’s situation and evolution.


The addition of micronutrients in the fodder seed treatment process, developed by Nova S.A., is based on two main pillars:


Molybdenum and cobalt act as germination triggers, subsequently achieving emergence in advance and a bigger plants stand. This tendency confirms the effectiveness of strategic application of low doses of micronutrients on seeds.

Molybdenum promotes the formation of enzymes that are involved in the transformation of atmospheric nitrogen into mineral nitrogen. As regards cobalt, it is involved in leghemoglobin synthesis, becoming a cofactor of this enzyme.

Biological Fixation: 

Consequently, these micronutrients stimulate nitrogen biological fixation, promoting the production of green matter per hectare.


Operations Manager:
Luis Silocchi
Tel: 03471 – 15677666

Technical Sales Representative:
A.E. Alejandro Navone
Tel: 03471 – 15621179

Treatment Plant:
Ruta Nac. Nº 9 – Km 374
Cañada de Gómez (2500) – Santa Fe
Tel: 03471 – 427770