Nova has created a new division dedicated to industrial enzymes production.
Enzymes are biological substances (proteins) which are used in several industries, such as:

  • Food industry: bakery, dairy, syrup sweeteners, fruit juices.
  • Biofuels industry: bioethanol, biodiesel.
  • Textile industry: fabric treatments, detergents.
  • Pharmaceutical industry. Guardar y salir


A laboratory and a pilot plant have already been mounted to develop enzyme production processes, and a new production plant on a commercial scale is being built. The laboratory counts with the necessary equipment to work on molecular biology, enzymology and process developing. In the pilot plant microorganisms are being cultivated and enzymes are purified on a medium scale.

We have created a new division of biologic substances development with leading technology.

The Plant

The industrial production plant will count with cutting edge technology for big scale production and enzyme purification. This plant consists of a 1500 m2 building where warehouses and production equipment will be installed.

The development team is a group of multidisciplinary professionals with years of experience in genetic engineering, enzymology, fermentation and enzyme purification.

The products manufactured by this plant will substitute imports, as many of them are imported from other countries.

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